Sunday, 25 August 2013

How Long Should You Wear Your Compression Garment after Liposuction?

Your doctor will recommend you wear a compression garment following liposuction. After the surgery is complete, anesthetic will remain beneath your skin. Compression garments force your body to absorb this solution into the bloodstream so that it can be expelled from your system without causing infection or damage. Wearing the compression garment also increases blood circulation through the healing areas, minimizes post-surgery swelling, force harmful fluids from your body and significantly speeds up the healing process. The garment provides support to the healing portion of your body and fits your skin into its new contours as your body adjusts to the change in shape.

Depending on how many parts of your body was lipo-ed and how many litres of fluid and fats was removed, and following your doctor's advice, you may only need to wear a compression garment for the first stage of recovery. Stage one is generally the first two weeks after surgery. You may, however, need to wear one until the end of the second stage of recovery. Stage two of recovery can last anywhere from two to eight weeks. If your doctor asks you to wear a compression garment for both stages of recovery, you may need to obtain both a stage one garment and a stage two garment. You will have to wear the garment night and day for as long as your doctor recommends.

If your doctor decides to perform an open-drainage surgery, you may not need to wear the compression garment for the same length of time. In the open-drainage technique, the tiny incisions that your doctor made to perform the liposuction are not stitched closed as they normally would be. This way, when a proper compression garment is applied after surgery, most of the blood-tinged anesthetic that lies just beneath your skin is forced out within the first 24 hours after surgery. If your doctor decides that open-drainage surgery is the best choice, then you may only have to wear a compression garment for three to six days.

You can buy non-medical compression garments at a local store. You may be tempted to wear one of these rather than the compression garment your doctor recommends. Be aware that choosing the right garment will have a big impact on how quickly you heal. Non-medical garments can prolong healing time, worsen swelling in affected areas, or even increase physical discomfort. Non-medical garments are not meant to be worn for long periods of time. The shape can become warped or the garment can lose its elasticity. If that happens, you will lose the compression effect that is necessary for your body to heal faster.

After spending so much money on the procedure, doesn't make sense to scrimp on the garment which can help you heal so much faster at such little costs. I bought 2 stage 2 marena wear as I read that the zip would be rather uncomfortable and looks unsighly under clothing.

Post lipo nassage, easily cost 100 or more per session and a good surgical grade garment would probably cost you 200+. I haven't gone for a single post lipo massage other than the ones I have done myself and my marena compression tights have served me well so far. Should always massage your lipo-ed area every now and then to redistribute built up fluids. Don't get lazy otherwise you might get hard lumpy areas which might take up to 6mths to 12 mths to totally dissolve on it's own! Into my 3rd week now and swelling has reduced quite drastically and it's a small price to pay for such comfort.

Many patients also wear it long after they have recovered. The support is there with high comfort level. It also keeps the blood circulation going well. This is one of the most efficient ways to reduce swelling after liposuction.

You should wear your support garments for more than four weeks to reduce swelling. You will have some numbness, bruising, and pain, but these will decrease over the first several weeks. Unlike normal injuries or average surgeries, do not apply ice or heating products to liposucted areas or you might cause more harm to the tissues underneath. Also, do not allow water to touch the area, and don't soak in a bath or pool or your incisions might get infected. Do not start exercising too soon otherwise your lipo-ed areas will swell up..

You will find that wearing a good compression garment will help so much with your recovery! Especially if it's really comfortable!


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