Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My 1st Lipo - Half of Left Leg -> left hip, left outer thigh, left buttock and saddlebag, back of thigh only. (1 of 6)

It has been 17 days since my left thigh lipo. Recovery was amazing. People have commented that I look slimmer.. although my weight pretty much has remained the same. I have also done fat transfer / grafting to my breasts at the same time. After having 2 kids and breastfed them for 3 yrs.. almost 4 yrs in total, this was something that I wanted to get done ages ago but was too afraid of implants.

Also, all those discovery channel showing implants rupturing, getting infected, was just too much for me. I didn't like the idea of having something foreign in my body. Plus, I have so much fats everywhere... and after the transfer / grafting, if the fats survive for 6 mths in my breasts, they are permanent and will be with me forever! Safe and plus I can look slimmer at the same time! Unlike implants, they can only last for 10yrs and need to be replaced. I have also read up on people who had implants, they usually remove them before 10 years are up and they do fat transfer. Same story for those with breast cancer and had to remove their breasts, majority also did fat transfer...

Seems to me that fat transfer is the safer alternative with lesser backlash (or the lesser of the 2 evils)...

Anyway this all started because a close female friend has her breasts done recently in Bangkok - saline implants. After our weekly drinks, my husband commented, how nice if you could transfer all your fats to your breasts.. After being married for 5 yrs going 6 yrs, having him commenting this about me, really made me want to do something about my body.

There is a chinese saying, there are no ugly women in the world. Only lazy ones who can't be bothered to do anything about themselves!
Anyway, I started to do my research on fat transfer and I didn't really search around a lot and landed on the King of Lipo in Singapore. Seriously. Landed on his website and read his case studies. http://elixirdevie.sg/liposuctioncasestudies.html

The commentaries were really interesting and some were funny as well.. and I thought, hey this is a doctor with some sense of humour! I just kept reading and looking at all the pictures and I could envision myself turning shapelier and slimmer! I just kept returning to the website! http://elixirdevie.sg/autologousfattransferforbreastaugmentation.html I even printed out pictures that I wanted to look like from the website to show the doctor how I wanted to look like in the end!

I read other local websites and they were really expensive (plus their patients died on their table) and didn't have the reviews I was looking for. I have 2 kids and I am not going to blow my money on only 1 session of fat transfer to my breasts which I don't even know will last/survive or not.

Although my preferrence was to do it locally in Singapore, Dr Arthur's review was so fantastic, I was really considering doing it with him! He was also interviewed by Channel News Asia and there were so many new paper articles in Straits Times and videos on YouTube. http://elixirdevie.sg/news.html It really wasn't a tough decision to make. So I made my decision, consulted my family and started my work in progress to improve my body!

Firstly, I needed to contact someone to make an appointment! I had been reading blogs of Dr Arthur's patients at http://elixirdevie.sg/blog.html and I sent emails to them asking how to contact the doctor to set up an appointment to meet up! I was asked to send an email to  "Jennifer Cotto"  jennifercotto@elixirdevie.sg and although she took some time to reply, I did get a response within 2 days. Was asked to take frontal shots, back, side from neck to feet. Sent it over and viola, 1 day later, I got back an email asking me to go for blood test. My BMI was 22. Dr Arthur doesn't do anyone whose BMI is 27 and above.

After fasting from 10pm the night before, I went for my blood test and the result came out pretty quickly! The next day, Jennifer informed me that the blood test turned out okay and I could book my flight out to Medan!

There are a few choices from Singapore to Medan, Silkair, JetStar and AirAsia. I guess there might be a few more but I didn't really want to waste time and quickly booked my ticket for 1 mth later! There were so many things to do in the meantime! I had to search for my compression garments, apply leave from work (about 1 week)... etc...

Since I have decided to do lipo on my body, I wasn't going to stop at my thigh. I wanted to do my whole body! I did my research, there's marena and veronique, for surgical grade compression wear. I was going to spend so much on the operations, I might as well buy the best compression wear! I knew I was going to be them 24/7! So they gotta be comfortable and long lasting! 

I bought two XS (ambitious! I know!) marena long legs with reinforced tummy, height till underbust! when the time comes for my tummy lipo, I could use them again! and I also bought 1 piece S size veronique 3/4 compression sleeves, just to test it out. seems okay initially, but overtime, seems to have stretched a bit and has loosen.. might consider buying XS for my next piece. Anyway.. total damage for compression wear.. $$777 SGD - for 3 pieces. But I thought.. since I was practically going to live in them.. this was money I had to spend.

Marena is really comfortable! I've been wearing it 24/7! But the inital 1st week, better get someone to help you pull up the compression tights! Maybe my butt is really big, had to have help to pull it up. But after that, it was ok. Peeing and doing the other stuff wasn't so difficult, my compression tights came with an opening down below! Let me tell you how amazing that is! didn't have to remove my pants to pee and I didn't get myself dirty! Only thing was.. I had to wear my underwear on the outside! hahah.. just like Superman! But I got my compression wear early, and I chose black naturally. I also bought myself, no VPL black panties from marks and spencer! Very comfy and even when I slept on the side, I couldn't feel the seams, which was great cos I have very sensitive skin.

Anyway, I packed my bags, kissed everyone goodbye and was off to Medan, Indonesia! I felt really sad and cried when I messaged my family to tell them I love them so much and to send my love to the kids. I felt so alone and afraid. So I listened to my audio bible and somehow I fell asleep. But luckily the flight was really short, 1hr 45 mins. Airplane taxi and take off 45 mins, in the air, 30 mins, then 30 mins landing. It felt so surreal!

After the plane landed and a short walk later, I was at the Customs and filled up the customs form, which was in bahasa indonesia, which I obviously didn't know how to fill since I didnt know how to read their language! Luckily there was a guy next to me at the counter and I was like.. erm.. I dont understand the form, can you translate this for me.. and he was really kind and went through each question with me. Less than 5 mins later, I was through the customs and .. woah! there were so many ppl outside the arrival hall!! I quickly gave the driver Suyono a called and he promptly answered and I told him not to hang up until I see him. 10 mins later, we were on the way to the clinic!

I didn't check in anything and wanted to travel as light as possible. I had read all the blogs I found online and knew what to expect when I was there. Didn't think I would be in any condition to go shopping and I knew they provided clothes for me to wear. So I only brought 1 set of clothes, 3 pairs of underwear, underliners, all my compression wear, my mobile phone, charger, yup, pretty much thats it. I didn't need anything else. Dr Arthur's clinic had DVD player, cable in every room and they even deliver food to your room too!
I basically lazed around all the time, only getting up to go to the toilet and my daily massages. I really enjoyed this time as I have very active kids and it was nice to stay in bed the whole time.. hahah..

There were some patients who were able to go to the nearby shopping centres.. to wash their hair, shopping, buy stuff, etc... I really don't know how they did that. Amazing.

Thanks to the new international airport, the drive to Elixir de Vie took 1 hr 45 mins. Like seriously man. I was expecting 10 to 15 mins, as written on all the blogs.. But seems like.. I'm one of the first patients to arrive at the new international airport.. so there was no one to warn me about the long drive to the clinic..

Finally I arrived at the clinic. Met the friendly receptionist, steph. Filled up a form and was shown around the building, the dance studio, operating room, my room on the 2nd floor. This is how the clinic looks like http://elixirdevie.sg/health.html And then I was asked to take a shower with the dettol I brought myself. And then down for consultation with Dr Arthur!! For the curious, this is how Dr Arthur looks like!  http://elixirdevie.sg/sports.html 

Was so excited!! We sat down, consultation went really great, and off to get the insertion needle into the back of my hand. Right hand couldnt get the vein so left hand it was. Painkillers and not sure what else was injected. can't remember. Anyway, I remember asking for anti vomit cocktail but.. Dr Arthur say less than 5% vomit.. so no need. I also asked for more painkillers.. cos.. I'm very scared of pain. But he said.. crazy! Cannot anyhow add.. hahahah...

Amazingly, I didn't feel anything! You can watch my videos below in YouTube!

Case 23, Video 1: Autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation

Case 23, Video 2: Autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation

Case 23, Video 3: Autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation

Posted by Dr Arthur - you can search for ArthurTjandra in Youtube and you can see how safe the procedures are and how amazing his work is! He also does other types of plastic surgery... http://elixirdevie.sg/cosmetic.html 

I didn't remember much of the whole procedure and was sleeping most of the time, thanks to the twinklight anesthesia, and only woke up when Dr Arthur was taking the videos, other than that, didn't feel anything much. Didn't even feel the tumescent anesthesia being injected.. After the videos, it was back to sleep for me. I felt like I was really in good hands and I totally trusted Dr Arthur.

The only thing was, after the procedure, patients are not allowed to bathe. So I washed my hair myself everyday and cleaned myself with wet wipes. Very essential. Please bring your own.

Before I knew it, my 4 days 3 nights were up and it was time to go home. I knew I was going to miss the yummy food there but I discussed with Dr Arthur, pre-op that we both wanted the best results for my breast augmentation (hopefully 2 cup sizes!) so we are going to split my liposuction to 6 session instead of the usual 3 session for whole body lipo. We didn't want to waste all the fat I have accumulated all these years and my thighs will be done in 4 separate sessions, abdomen 1 session and upper body 1 session. Total 6 sessions. I am really looking forward to my new body!

Anyway, the flight was over before I knew it and I was back in SG.. My husband was really worried about me and everyone as well. The bruises were much lesser than what I expected and the pain was really quite manageble. Before I knew it, I was carrying my kids and walking around a lot.

Didn't really go for massages other than the ones that they did free at the Dr Arthur's cos I felt that I could do it on my own. Everyday I massage my thighs, 5 mins here, 5 mins there, throughout the day. Everytime I felt my thighs hardening, I would massage it away and I didn't really have any hard lumps and 17 days later, looks like the swelling is subsiding!! 

Word of caution. Don't expect miracles to happen overnight. Your body has gone thru a tramatic procedure and it takes time to heal. listen to your body, if you need to rest, rest and most importantly, drink lots of water! It reduces water rentention and swelling!! I realised that the lesser I moved around, the less swelling I had! Of course if you felt you were up to it, you could go shopping and jogging but you should always listen to your body. By the way, my feet / toes, didnt swell up at all. Not even once. So I think bed rest is important and always stretch out your legs fully. 

Oh, and it takes up to 6 mths for all the swelling to go down. Anything less than 6 mths is not the complete result so be patient and keep massaging! Cut down on your salt and drink pineapple and pumpkin! Apparently it is really useful to reduce water rentention!

Everyday, I look in the mirror and I love what I see after only 1 session! My butt is smaller and saddlebags are visibly gone! My breasts have this wonderful cleavage and they are actually jiggly! I am so amazed by the results, that I have booked my flight for end November this year for my 2nd fat transfer to breasts!


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