Tuesday, 14 March 2017

10th liposuction and 10th fat transfer to breasts!

It's been a while and for the past 3 years I have been going on and off to Medan. Shortest time in between is 12 weeks and longest, well, more than a year in between! Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de vie gives the best liposuction all over body sculpting and multiple fat transfer to breasts! 

I will be going for my 10th session of liposuction on 24 March 2017! He has proven to be the best liposuction doctor with the highest survival rates! 3 years ago I was an A cup and now I am a very natural C cup! My body was also very disproportionate, especially after having 2 kids, huge thunder thighs, flabby stomach with rectus diastasis and sunken breasts from breastfeeding my kids.

Thanks to Dr Arthur, he gave me back my confidence and after being married for more than 10 years, my husband is very pleased with my total body transformation and looks forward to me coming back from Medan, everytime with a beautifully sculpted body and beautiful full breasts! 

I have also regained my youthful looks with fat transfer to my whole face as my cheeks and forehead were sunken due to aging. Additionally I had laugh lines that made me look older than I was. All my wrinkles disappeared and the fat transfer was very natural, everyone commented that I looked much younger and most importantly I felt confident and immediately I could see a face that was almost 10 years younger! 

After doing 3D lipo-sculpting on my abdomen, with less belly fats, my rectus diastasis has improved! Can't say that the stomach gap has closed or reduced drastically, but my stomach doesn't hang out when I wear tight fitting clothes and that's good enough for me! Even my flabby stomach after liposuction suction, the skin has slowly shrunk bit by bit and I have gone on holidays n even taken pictures in my bikini! 

The main reason why I split into so many sessions is to ensure that Dr Arthur can harvest the maximum fat for transfer each time and the fat is not wasted! 

Thank you Dr Arthur! I can't wait for 24th March! The only doctor I will trust for liposuction and autologous fat transfer! Proven time and again that your method is the best and longest lasting!

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  1. wth. i didn't know this is possible! is it like what i read here? breast fat grafting.

    its really solve 2 problems at one go! did u really look 10 years younger after meeting dr arthur, where can i see your photos? :D